Quotes - KC Speaking

It was truly an honor to have KC come speak at Holderness School. Having known KC before and after his accident, I am so impressed with ability to be very real about how his life has changed. He power to connect with large groups and small audiences is one that many corporate executives never figure out. Any one who listens to his story or spends time with him quickly realizes he is the real deal. We all can find something positive about each day, and we all can keep moving forward, even if it one small step at a time.

KC reminds us of the power of our brains and our hearts. His ability to be vulnerable and raw in speaking to his own traumatic brain injury engaged members of all ages within our community. He is professional and open, willing to share his own journey in order to inspire and educate others. Our world is better because KC continues to speak widely about his experiences.

Kurt (KC) is an engaging and humorous speaker that takes the listener through a life altering event that went from tragedy to triumph.

What can I say about KC?  I will never forget the day I got the phone call that KC had been in an accident.  We rushed to Dartmouth to find him hooked up to so many wires I could not even begin to count.  Doctors said he would not make it through the night.....after countless hours of operations and rehab, 11 years later in 2019 KC is living on his own, drives his own car, runs his own Adaptive Golf Clinic, and works 2 jobs year round !!  What can I say about KC........he is my inspiration.

KC, in spite of his disability, looks at life with such an upbeat and positive attitude.  Each of his students have  varying degrees of disabilities but KC inspires each and every one of them by putting his heart and soul into his adaptive golf program. He takes pride in helping others and you cannot meet KC without being impressed.