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Kurt Christensen

"It's been a long road, but at least I'm on it."

Shortly after passing the PGA player ability test in 2007, well on his way to his career goal of professional golf, Kurt (“KC”) Christensen was in a near-fatal car accident that resulted in traumatic brain injury (TBI).  At the time, doctors thought that he would not make it another 48 hours—and if he did, he would surely be braindead. KC remained in a coma for 2 months before waking up with partial paralysis, memory loss, difficulty in mental processing, balance, and a seizure disorder.

KC can stand in front of you today after a long road to recovery, including retraining the brain in many functions that seem basic—including facial expressions, swallowing, balance and walking—as well as cognitive skills like visual recognition and sequencing.

As KC says, just like in golf, he had to "play the ball where it lies".  Through determination to succeed, positive attitude, and a sincere love of life, he persevered.

"My life has certainly changed, but it is great!"

KC is back out on the course, teaching golf to others with disabilities through the Adaptive Golf Clinic at Owl’s Nest Golf Club.  He has traveled to local high schools and other venues to share his story of recovery and transform his injury into a source of inspiration and education.  To learn more about KC's story, check out this story from WMUR and watch the brief video!


“I want to share my story to inspire other people to seek their full potential no matter what happens.”


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